Heard Said

When she’s not in jail for one minor offense or another, Cori is great to be around. She has a deadly left hook and her jab will catch you unawares and take you out faster than you can say Promo this! She worked very hard on my behalf and in my line of work if you don’t have people sticking up for you, your record falls through the cracks. Her enthusiasm and skill was much appreciated by me and the members of my band. If there were more people like her in the industry we would be better off. Not enough people love the music and will go all out. She’s one of those types. I imagine she’s doing a stretch in some Ontario lock up as I write this, rolling cigs, showing off her tattoos and telling her fellow inmates how she used to cuff me around when I got out of line. I only hope she gets gainfully employed to take her off the streets. For the sake of Toronto’s welfare and the general safety of Canada, I urge you to hire this woman! — Henry Rollins, recording artist, actor, writer, publisher, all-around renaissance man

Cori Ferguson?…. Cori Ferguson?……. oh yeah, now I remember…. she’s the one who kept calling me and pestering me about doing radio appearances, TV spots, press interviews and all that other crap. It never stopped, every day my phone would ring and there she was again with more work. Canada used to be such a nice quiet place for us until we hired her. — Michael Timmins, Cowboy Junkies

Cori makes Princess Leia look like Little Bo-Peep. — Peter Howell

Cori: ***** thumbs up! — Steve Shelley, Sonic Youth

Cori has a level of enthusiasm that makes working with her a blast. And, best of all, she gets the job done. Effective, efficient and fun — who could want more? — Michael Vollman

Cori embodies every element of what a music business professional should be: Bright, intuitive, creative and most of all – she returns phone calls! — Jan Seedman

In all my years in the music industry, no one else was able to get me a blow job from one of their artists…even if it was just a shooter. — Stewart Duncan

Well all I can say is that I have never felt more confidant that my artist was getting all that they should from the press than when Cori was workin’ ’em. — Colin MacKenzie

Cori Ferguson… two words… sex-y. — Victor Salas, singer/songwriter

I had the pleasure of working in three mediums with Cori Ferguson, and I can unequivocally attest to her talents as both a publicist and a gifted bullshit detector. When dealing with Cori in either print, radio or TV, stuff got done – on time, in full and without hassle. She rocks. And you can quote me on that. — Kim Hughes

Cori who? — Ellen Gildersleeve

Cori Ferguson has great taste in shoes! — Mark Shedletsky

I’d give her a 98. She’s got a good beat and you can dance to it. — John Sakamoto

Cori has an unbelievable thirst for music and boundless energy in terms of publicizing that music. She is very easy to get along with and is well respected by both artists and the media. — Elliott Lefko

Two words to describe Cori Ferguson: dependable and responsible. — Karen Maxwell

If we had more shit-disturbers like Cori, the music business would be a far more interesting place… and, yeah, she knows what she’s doing (what a concept). — Steve Warden

Cori is the most reliable, dedicated, and coolest person I ever dealt with in the music scene… In a business full of weasels, it’s nice to know people like her exist. — Mike Zafiris

When the going gets tough, the smart get the Corinator! — Todd Mulzet

Artists love her, therefore so do managers. First rate and you need only ask once. — Nick Terzo